Prompt® Test Kit

Introductory Price: $249.00

Prompt® Prostate Genetic Score is a validated and affordable test to evaluate a man’s genetic predisposition to prostate cancer. Developed by Stratify Genomics, Prompt provides patients with a genetic score that stratifies their risk, from low to high for developing prostate cancer over their lifetime.

Must be 18 years of age or older to order Prompt. Prompt test results are intended to be acted upon at 40 years of age or older, however speak to your practitioner about your individual circumstances.


Step 1

Purchase your Prompt test kit online. If you are having the kit shipped, wait a few days for delivery.


Step 2

Activate your kit online when you have in hand


Step 3

Collect sample swab


Step 4

Mail sample to lab to process results


Step 5

Your physician will follow up with you to review the score and discuss screening options