Stratify Genomics

Our genetic test encourages men to be actively involved in the development of their personalized prostate cancer screening approach at an early stage. With a simple cheek swab, Prompt® compares your specific genetic profile to tens of thousands of others and can help you and your physician determine what is best for you.

Prompt will empower you and your doctor with your genetic score to make an informed decision about screening.

Knowledge is power… Ask your doctor about your Prompt Prostate Genetic Score today.

Process Overview


Step 1

Discuss genetic screening with your physician and whether you are a good candidate for Prompt


Step 2

Purchase your Prompt test kit online. If you are having the kit shipped, wait a few days for delivery.


Step 3

Activate your kit online when you have in hand


Step 4

Use test to collect a sample swab


Step 5

Mail sample to Lab so results can be processed


Step 6

Your physician will follow up with you to review the score and discuss screening options

Collecting A Sample


Swab Inside of Cheek


Secure swab in tube


Shake Tube